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Use this form if you have general questions about Staple, this website, or how to get Staple on your device. Are you looking for help with your Staple account? You can use this form and we’ll get you connected with the appropriate team members.

How do I install Staple on my device?

Staple is available on iPhone and can be download from the App Store in all major territories. Staple requires iOS 11.0 or greater and a suitable network connection to create an account. We recommend devices have at least 250 MB of storage available before installing Staple.

How much does Staple cost?

Staple is free. Staple Pro is available as an in-app upgrade that costs $9.99 per month. You do not need to purchase Staple Pro to use any of Staple’s main features. Instead, upgrading to Staple Pro will unlock access to new workouts every day.

Why aren't new workouts available?

New workouts are only guaranteed every day for Staple Pro members.

Users who enjoy Staple for free can expect new workouts as we make them available and in periodic intervals. If you find Staple useful, considering joining Staple Pro for new and improved workouts every day.

Already a Staple Pro member and still not seeing updates? There might be something wrong with your account. Please contact us immediately.

Why can't I see other users anymore?

That feature has been removed.

Our goal is to make Staple a fitness app that is focused and effective. Staple 2 inherited the most widely used features from the original Staple, but the platform to view, follow, like, comment, or post on Staple was under-utilized by the community and consumed too many resources to bring into Staple 2.

Where are my posts and followers?

They have been archived because those features are no longer available.

Staple 2 improves every aspect of the original Staple. The community features that were available in the original Staple were rarely used and found to be more distracting than beneficial.

All posts from the original Staple have been safely archived and removed. Your data will be restored if we choose to reintroduce these features in the future.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Apple requires your Staple Pro subscription to be managed by your iTunes account. To manage your subscription: go to your device settings (NOT Staple), then:

  1. tap your name
  2. tap iTunes & App Store
  3. tap your Apple ID
  4. tap Subscriptions

Still unsure? Click here to view a detailed guide.

IMPORTANT: Staple does not have the authority or tools to modify your subscription, even if you send us a written request. If you still need help canceling your subscription, contact Apple Support.

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