How do I manage my Staple Pro subscription?

Your membership to Staple Pro can only be managed by the Apple ID you used to purchase it. Unfortunately, this is a rule enforced by Apple and the App Store and we (Staple) are not able to modify your subscription.

We recognize this process can be both difficult and confusing so we’ve prepared a detailed walkthrough to help you manage your membership. In an effort to make the process as transparent as possible, we’ve also provided images of every step involved in canceling your membership.


Go to "settings" on your device

Open the default settings app on your iOS device. Once you’re there, you should see your full name at the top. Tap it to open your Apple ID overview.


Open iTunes and App Store

Locate the option labeled iTunes & App Store from your Apple ID overview screen. Tap it to open your iTunes Account preferences.


Tap your Apple ID

You can access your billing information and subscriptions by tapping your Apple ID. You will need to authenticate your device with Face ID, Touch ID, or your iTunes account password.


Go to Subscriptions

Find subscriptions at the bottom of your Apple ID billing settings page. This will load all your active subscriptions (e.g. Apple Music, Staple Pro, etc.)


Manage Your Plan

Select your Staple Pro membership and modify it as needed. You can change the billing (where available), cancel your membership, or view your next billing date.

Still having trouble? We're here to help.

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